Judo in NSW

Judo NSW is a not-for-profit organisation set up to support the sport of Judo. Judo is an inexpensive, safe, dynamic contact sport, which is suitable for boys and girls, men and women.

Judo NSW is the State Sporting Organisation governing the sport of Judo in NSW and is supported by the Australian Sports Commission and NSW Department of Sport & Recreation


To be the leading state judo organisation in terms of membership, participation and achievement in all areas of the sport and its administration.


To enhance the profile, participation and achievement of judo in NSW through best practice sports administration & support for the sports leadership aspirations of Judo NSW affiliated Clubs & their membership.
Judo NSW Objectives

  • Provide leadership, management and structure that supports the efficient and effective development and operation of Judo in New South Wales
  • Ensure strong business and financial planning processes and implementation to enable the sustainable future development of the sport of Judo in NSW
  • Provide, communicate and reinforce Uniform Policies and Procedures to ensure participation in the sport of Judo in NSW in a safe environment through the development and adoption of national and state based policies
  • Be regarded as the finest provider of Coaching, Technical and Referee instruction of Judo anywhere in the world
  • Promote and market Judo as the Sport, Fitness and Physical Activity of choice amoungst NSW residents
  • Provide Cler, Accurate, Timely and Valuable communication to all Judo NSW members
  • Improved athlete participation and performance at all levels
  • Provide meaningful and cost effective services to Judo NSW members including non-competition players