Draws & Fight Orders - Session 1 Junior Boys/Girls & Cadets [19 Aug]

Live Streaming of the 2017 Sydney International [18 Aug]

Live Streaming of the 2017 Sydney International being held on 20th August will be available here: http://www.streamingsports.com.au 

If you are unable to attend, make sure you tune in to catch all the action!

Entries have now Closed - there is no Entry on the day.


Important Coaches & Athlete Update [17 Aug]

This is to provide you with venue details and a general update for the 2017 Sydney International.

Please note that it also contains an update about the anticipated impacts of the RICE Rally and the Bledisloe Cup at Sydney Olympic Park on Sat 19 August.


Following are venue & travel details and links for the 2017 Sydney International.

Weigh-in & Tournament Venue

The weigh-in will be conducted at the Genea Netball Centre - nsw.netball.com.au and Google Map adjacent to the Tournament Venue – Sydney Olympic Sports Centre - Sydney Olympic Park - sports-centre.com.au and Google Map.

RICE Rally Sydney 2017 and Bledisloe Cup - Sat 19 Aug  - Traffic & Parking Impacts

There will be a christian religious RICE rally from 3:30PM to 7:30PM with expectations of more than 4000 people attending.  They will progressively arrive from approx 10:30AM. 

The Bledisloe Cup will be conducted in the evening (from 8:00PM) and there may be early road & parking changes in preparation for the event.

It is strongly recommended that you allow for extra travel time and consider the public transport options.

Travel Options

There are a number of travel options to get to the venue (check out - http://www.transportnsw.info/):

  • Train: Olympic Park Station (13 minute walk from station) - typically the cheapest and quickest option
  • Bus: 525 – see http://www.transportnsw.info/
  • Car (Sat 19 Aug)Note - there is likely to be heavy traffic and limited standard 'Paid Car Parking' available on Sat 19 Aug for the weigh-in.  Recommended car parks are P3 (300m and 3 min walk) & P4 (400m and 5 min walk) both car parks are accessed via Sarah Durack Avenue. Please note - due to the Bledisloe Cup the car parks switch to Event Rates (Flat Rate $25) from 3PM.
  • Car (Sun 20 Aug)Standard 'Paid Car Parking' on Sun 20 Aug should be available close to the venue.  There is only very limited free (2hr) parking at SOP  


The weigh-in will be conducted in rooms located within at the Genea Netball Centre (Netball Central).  Tournament Officials will be on-site to assist you with directions and access to the weigh-in.



Age Category



Sat 19 Aug

Junior & Senior Boys & Girls (inc Junior Special Needs)

Trial Weigh-in

12:00 noon – 1.00 pm

Cadet Men & Women

Junior Men & Women

Senior Men & Women

Senior Special Needs

Trial Weigh-in

12:00 noon – 2.00 pm

Junior & Senior Boys & Girls (inc Junior Special Needs)

Official Weigh-in 1.00 - 2.00 pm

Cadet Men & Women

Junior Men & Women

Senior Men & Women

Senior Special Needs

Official Weigh-in

2.00 - 3.00 pm

All Categories


4.30 pm onwards

Junior Boys/Girls (U12s) and Senior Boys/Girls (U15s) Categories (Only) have the following additional weigh-in location options:

  • Illawarra/South Coast - Illawarra International Judo Club, Ian McLennan Park, Wyllie Rd (1st right turn of West Dapto Rd) Kembla Grange, NSW 2526 - Click Here for Location Map - Contact: Alan Broadhead 0411 043 953.
  • Central Coast/Hunter - Exercise & Sport Science Centre (Building EXSA – Loop Rd (south)) Uni of Newcastle – Central Coast Campus, Brush Rd entry – Ourimbah - Click Here for Campus Map - Contact: Shane Alvisio 0410 044 205.

All other Age Categories apart from Junior Boys/Girls (U12s) and Senior Boys/Girls (U15s) Categories must weigh-in on Saturday 19 August 2017 at the Genea Netball Centre adjacent to the tournament venue - Sydney Olympic Sports Centre, Olympic Blvd, Sydney Olympic Park NSW 2127.



Seeding - Senior Men & Women (Including Cadets U18s and Junior U21s)

We will be using the current JFA National Points Tables as published on the JFA website (www.ausjudo.com.au) as at August 2017.

Click here to access the Senior Men & Women National Points Tables (updated after Asian Open - Jul 2017).

Click here to access the Junior Men & Women (U21) National Points Tables (updated after European Tour - Aug 2017).

Click here to access the Cadet Men & Women (U18) National Points Tables (updated after 2017 Cadet Worlds).

These National Points Tables are also available from the JFA Performance webpage - click here.

In the event that there are equal points then we will use the results from the 2017 National Title Results.

Click here to access the 2017 National Titles Results

International Athletes will be seeded at the discretion of the Tournament Management Team.

Seeding - Junior Boys & Girls (U12s) and Senior Boys & Girls (U15s)

As per our Tournament Conditions of Entry these age categories will be seeded at the discretion of the Tournament Management Team.

Draws – All Categories

The Tournament Draws will be completed from 4:30PM at the below location

Sports House

Quad 1, Level 2

8 Parkview Drive


NSW 2127

We are also planning to publish the All Competition Draws and Session 1 - Cadets and Junior Boys/Girls (U12s) Match Progressions late Saturday 19 August 2017 on our Judo NSW website www.judonsw.com.au.

The Match Progressions for Session 2 - Junior Men/Women (U21) and Senior Boys/Girls (U15s), and Session 3 - Senior Men/Women will be provided on Sunday 20 August 2017.


We will be following the Tournament Timetable outlined below;


Day & Date

Category & Age



Sun 11 Sep

All Categories

Opening Ceremony

8.00 am

Junior Boys & Girls,

Cadet Men & Women

Junior Special Needs

Competition Starts

8.30 AM

Senior Boys & Girls

Junior Men & Women

Competition starts on completion of Cadet Category

Estimate only# 11:30AM

Senior Men & Women

Senior Special Needs

Competition starts on completion of Junior Men & Women’s Category

Estimate only#

 2:00 PM


* Tournament Schedule is subject to change.

# We have made a ‘best efforts’ estimate of Age Category Start Times.  The tournament on the day may vary from these estimate start times.  Athletes are responsible for being at the venue in time for their respective bouts including any variances and changes to these estimate start times.


A White & Blue Judogi must be supplied and worn by ALL competitors in all age categories including Junior Girls/Boys and Senior Girls/Boys.


Please note that only Sydney International pre-registered coaches will be able to access the matside coaching area.

This Tournament will follow the JFA Sporting Code (click here) especially Attachment 8 (click here) outlining the behaviour and dress code.

All Coaches are reminded to wear appropriate clothing when coaching matside and to be aware that the event is being video streamed 'live'.

Judo NSW would also like to advise that we adhere to and support the ASC 'Play by the Rules' Code of Conduct (click here) and will not accept poor behaviour from athletes and or coaches towards other players and officials.

We appreciate and look forward to your ongoing support in these areas.

Finally we would like to thank our event sponsors for assisting Judo NSW in making this event possible.

We look forward to seeing you competing and being a part of the action at Sydney Olympic Park this weekend!