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Referee’s Corner


A. Refereeing Rules

A.1. IJF Refereeing Rules 2003

B. IJF Updated Rules

B.1. New Rules for the period from 01/01/2010 to 31/12/2012

B.2. New l.J.F. Refereeing Rules Interpretations Feb 2009

B.3. 2008 l.J.F. Ref Rules Kumi-Kata

B.4. 2008 l.J.F. Ref Rules Negative

B.5. How to use Sokuteiki

C. Referee Manual

C. Referee Manual




JFA Referees Policy 15012009

JFA Sporting Code May 2016

Judo NSW Sporting Code March 2011

Judo NSW Referees

Judo Referee NSW Policies, Procedures & Guidelines

Commission Members

David Fuentes – Chairperson
John Da Silva – Secretary
Rodney Moulder – Rosterer
Deepali Mistry – Treasurer
Lubo Petr
Behzad Ahmad Fakhroldin

How to become a Referee

How to become a referee

If you want to find out more simply e-mail us at:
Referees Chairman
Referees Rosterer