Judo NSW Working With Children Check Process – Clubs, Coaches & Volunteer Process


The NSW Sporting Sector is currently being phased-in to the Working with Children Check system from 1 April 2015. The phase-in deadline for this sector is 31 March 2016.

Judo NSW Clubs (inlcuding Coaches and other Workers and Volunteers involved with Children) have obligations and actions that need to completed to ensure compliance with the current legislation and continued operation as a registered club with Judo NSW.

The following information is provided to assist with the process – Note that the Office of the Children’s Guardian (OCG) website is a great resource for the WWCC process with How to Videos, Factsheets, FAQs etc and it is only a click away…



Step 1 – Determine what Club/organisation structure you have and who appoints your coaches and other resources (as either paid employees or volunteers)

Judo NSW has developed a simple matrix to assist with this process.  The key is whether your club is a ‘legal entity’ and who is responsible for the appointment (employed &/or volunteer basis) of coaches and other resources working with children.




Need to Register as an Employer Organisation for the WWCC Appointed Coaches & Volunteers etc need to register their

WWCC with Judo NSW

Appointed Coaches & Volunteers etc

To complete and register their WWCC with their own Judo Club/Organisation

Judo NSW (State Sporting Organisation)





Applies to all Judo NSW appointed employees and volunteers (ie State Coaches & Managers, Junior Development Coaches, NCAS Coordinator etc)
Member Club of Judo NSW (no legal entity – ie common interest group or informal club structure)





Child related Coaches and Volunteers need to complete the WWCC and provide their Clearance Letter to Judo NSW
Judo NSW Member Club that is a ‘Legal Entity’ (Incorporated Body, Registered Business with ABN etc)





*optional to register with Judo NSW
Judo NSW Member Club that is affiliated with a ‘parent organisation’ – PCYC, RSL, University





The PCYC/RSL/Uni etc should register as the Employer Organisation.


*optional to register with Judo NSW


Note – Current advice from the OCG is that it is ‘optional’ for judo clubs operating as registered businesses or as part of ‘parent’ organisations to also provide employee and volunteer child related coaches and other resources WWCC Clearance Letters to Judo NSW for verification.  These organisations retain responsibility to register as Employer Organisations and to complete and verify checks for their child related employees and volunteers.


Step 2 – Register your Judo Club/Business as an Employer Organisation (if required)


Please refer to the attached ‘Information for Employers’ factsheet and guide [Information for Employers_Jan2015.pdf].


Employers must:

  • Register online with the new Working With Children Check:

Click on the following link to register as an Employer

http://www.kidsguardian.nsw.gov.au/working-with-children/working-with-children-check/apply/apply or

Click on the following video tutorial link to see the process


  • Verify every new paid employee online before hiring them (see part 7)
  • Verify current paid workers and all volunteers (new and current) online as they are phased in to the new Check (see phase in schedule at ANNEX A)
  • Ensure their own Working With Children Check is verified online by an appropriate person in the organisation (employers cannot self-verify)
  • Remove any barred or unauthorised person from child-related work (see part 10)


Step 3 – Register  for WWCC and provide the Clearance Letter to your Employer Organisation (if required)

Specifically, you will need to register and undertake a Working With Children Check before 31 March 2016.  This will involve online registration and then attendance at a NSW Service Centre with ID to complete the process.

Click on the following link to go online and to register for the WWC Check:


Click on the following link to watch a tutorial video to assist with the process


You will then need to provide/email your WWCC registration number to your Employer Organisation and or our Judo NSW Member Protection Information Officer so we can link your clearance to Judo NSW.


Need More Help

Once again we strongly recommend that you check out the Office of the Children’s Guardian website and online resources:


You can also contact Kevin Lewis – Judo NSW Member Protection Information Officer via email [email protected] or 0414 906 591.