At the Office of the Children’s Guardian (OCG), their goal is to create safe places for children and young people, and they recognise that most organisations share this goal.

To help child-related organisations create safer places, OCG will be following an escalation model of compliance and enforcement with a focus on capability building in organisations.

OCG have a new Compliance and Enforcement policy that makes it clear what is expected of organisations that work with children.  This year their focus is on ensuring child-related employers are:

  • registered as employers in the Working with Children Check system
  • verifying child-related workers’ Working with Children Checks

If Judo NSW are not complying with these laws, fines apply – but we have some time to get our records in order.

OCG are offering a one-off amnesty for employers to verify their workers by 30 June 2021. This amnesty applies to employers who engage workers in child related work that:

  1. are registered or should be registered as an employer for the Working with Children Check; and
  2. have not previously verified any of their workers.

After this date, enforcement action will be taken against employers who have not complied with this obligation.

There will be no amnesty period for employers that engage people in child-related work who are barred or interim barred from working with children as it places children and young persons at serious risk of harm.

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If you need more information please visit the OCG website or contact [email protected].