Judo NSW is currently developing a set of tools for clubs to help them get into schools.

In order to access these tools, you must:

  • Be registered coach for Judo NSW and your club must be financial with more than 7 members
  • Agree not to share the information outside the Judo NSW community.

The tools include:

  • Judo for Kids Syllabus produced by JA
  • Powerpoint presentation to use in face to face meetings
  • Template emails to parents, teachers and administrators
  • FAQs for club administrators, coaches and judo entrepreneurs
  • Risk Assessment documents suitable for schools
  • A high quality video suitable for selling Judo to schools
  • Examples of ‘registering as a provider’ forms that schools will ask you to fill in
  • Parent / Teacher Handbook (produced by JA)
  • Sales Methodology for use by coaches in talking to schools