Black Belt Register (BBR)

BBR Overview

The Black Belt Register (BBR) is a not for profit organization or a “yudanshakai” for black belt Judokas in New South Wales, Australia. Its main objective is to promote and develop the technical and ethical standards of Judo. Any Judo black belt living in NSW are encouraged to apply for membership. For further membership and general information, please refer to the BBR Office page.

The information provided in the BBR web pages are meant to keep BBR members up-to-date on BBR and BBR Academy (BBRA) activities. While the BBR endeavours to keep the content of the web pages accurate, please check back for corrections and additions. Questions regarding the content of these pages or inquiries to the BBR can be Emailed to [email protected].

Please also visit the BBR History page. Other pages of interest are shown in the menu on the left side of the page: