Insurance is a critical part of managing your club. A proper and comprehensive insurance contract covers:

  1. Your club members, regarding Personal Injury Coverage
  2. You as club administrator, via Management Liability Coverage
  3. Your coaches, via Management Liability Coverage
  4. Member of the General Public, via Public and Products Liability Insurance

Via the JFA, JudoNSW maintains coverage for all financial member of our association and protects you and your club from adverse events, if uncovered, could result in:

  1. Closure of your Club
  2. Personal Bankruptcy
  3. Protracted legal action against members of the club executive
  4. Expensive medical bills in the event of a personal injury

The non financial benefits of being with JudoNSW and the JFA include:

  1. Being able to focus on your club, rather than being worried about negotiating complex insurance products
  2. Peace of mind, knowing that your members are covered
  3. A low cost, efficiently managed insurance product purchased by group buying power at the national level that is reviewed annually

If you have any questions about what is covered, please see our policy coverage here