Judo NSW Community Club Resources


Effective governance protects the rights of your club’s members and stakeholders and assists the continued success and growth of your club.

The following resources will help guide your club to achieving good governance practices.

Strategy and Planning

Clubs need to plan their long-term viability in order to grow. Planning is the key to the future for all clubs no matter their level, activity or size.

The following resources will help guide your club to plan for the future.

Financial Management

Good club financial management involves being able to review financial information, effectively manage funds, implement sound financial practises and understand the club’s financial position and obligations.

The following resources will help your club manage it’s finances.

Risk Management

Risk management is an important aspect of running a club and ensuring a safe environment for all club members and stakeholders.

The following resources will ensure your club offers a safe environment.

Volunteer Management

Volunteers are the backbone of community clubs. The success and sustainability of community clubs is strongly linked to the successful recruiting, management and retention of volunteers.

The following resources will help recruit and retain club volunteers.

Marketing and Communication

Effective marketing and communication planning and activities can help a club grow.

The following resources will help your club use the power of marketing and communication to grow.