Q–  How can a member change the club?

A–  To change the Club the member is either Financial or not.

  • If the member is financial:  Member need to contact the clubs. Judo NSW needs a confirmation email from both the club administrators ( club leaving and club joining ) on [email protected], that they are OK with the transfer. Once the written confirmation is received from both the clubs, the transfer will be processed.
  • If member is not financial: Member needs to renew their membership and select the club they want to join.

Q–  Why the system is not accepting the Active Kids Voucher?

 A–  The system will accept the Active Kids Voucher unless:

  • The number is incorrect. Please check this as per your registration with Service NSW.
  • Incorrect date of birth. The date of birth you have used does not match the date of birth provided to Service NSW.
  • Expired voucher. The voucher may have expired.
  • Voucher already used. The voucher has already been claimed.
  • Incorrect voucher type. Other vouchers (e.g. Creative Kids) are not accepted.

If everything is correct and still the system is not accepting Active Kids Voucher, please contact Judo NSW at [email protected].

Q–  How to renew the membership after being absent from Judo for over a year?

 A–  If absent from Judo for over a year, renew the membership and inform the club administrators. The club administrators need to contact Judo at- [email protected] explaining the case and letting the Judo admin know that they are OK with bringing the membership current. Once all the written confirmation is received by Judo admin, the members will be made financial for a year from the date the membership is renewed.

Q– How to access the admin data for Club administrators?

A– For all the administrators of the club, login into your Judo account. Once logged in, scroll down to the bottom of the page and you will see a small tab that says FOR ADMINS.  Click on that and you will be redirected to the admin site of your club.