The following includes Covid-19 updates, required actions for club coaches and administrators, and details of our Judo NSW Covid-19 support and reimbursement program.

Updated Judo NSW Covid-19 Safety Plan

Judo NSW has updated it’s Judo NSW Covid-19 Safety Plan (click here) for full contact training (Level C) and is registered as a NSW Covid Safe Business – click here for Covid Safe Business information.

All clubs after completing the following activities should also register to be a NSW Covid Safe Business.

Confirm your club level C-19 Safety Plan

Under NSW Public Health Orders, you must have a Covid-19 Safety Plan for how your business will keep your participants, volunteers and workers safe.

It is recommended that you use the NSW Government Covid-19 Safety plan template for Community sporting competitions and full training activities (click here).

Alternatively, you can use content from the Judo NSW Covid-19 Safety Plan (click here) to develop your own Judo Club Covid-19 Safety Plan.

Please email all completed COVID-19 Safety Plans to [email protected].

Covid-19 Infection Control Training

All coaches need to complete online Covid-19 infection control training (click here) prior to 1 July 2020.  Please email all Certificates of Completion to [email protected].

This short (30 min) online course, while targeted at ‘health care workers’, covers the fundamentals of infection prevention and control for COVID-19 that appear in range of the online Covid-19 infection control courses.

Judo NSW Covid-19 Support Program

Judo NSW has implemented a Covid-19 Hygiene Protocols Support Program.  All clubs will be able to seek re-imbursement for the purchase of Covid-19 related safety and hygiene equipment such as contactless thermometers, sanitiser, disinfectant etc.

The reimbursement ranges from $100 to $1000 based on the membership of your Judo club.  Judo NSW will separately confirm the amount available to your club.

To be eligible for reimbursement, you will need to provide the following:

  • Completion Certificate of Infection Control Training
  • Copy of your Judo Club’s Covid-19 Safety Plan
  • Itemised Tax Invoice for Covid-19 safety and hygiene related purchases.

Please contact Judo NSW on (02) 8736 1228 or [email protected] for more information or questions about this program.

Club & Membership Support

As previously communicated, Judo NSW will extend and maintain all current Judo NSW Club affiliation until 30 June 2021. Additionally, Judo NSW is now currently working with our membership system provider (revolutioniseSPORT) to extend all memberships both current and expired for the period equivalent to 16 Mar to 30 Jun 2020.