State Coaches & Managers

This is to update you on the 2017 State Squad Nominations and some State Training Camp issues.

*Team Squad Lists*
Attached are current Squad Lists for Juniors and Seniors. You can reformat as use as you need for tracking training session attendance etc.

Note – I have included Cadets in both the Junior and Senior Squads lists. They formally sit with the Junior Squad but a large number are competing in multiple age categories and will no doubt migrate to the Senior Squad (following discussion & agreement with Junior State Team coaches).

There are also columns indicating (1) whether the person has confirmed if they will attend the Training Camp, and (2) If the person has competed at the required State Selection Tournaments.

Note the selection tournament column is yet to be validated with other tournament registration and results records.

Kirsten – I will separately send you the list of team gear/merchandise order details.

*State Training Camp*
Based on the team entries we will have approx. 180 athletes attending (120 Juniors and 60 Seniors) – There are also a small number of QLD and other NSW members that will attend but not going to GC.

Meals will be provided at the YMCA Lodge on both days – we have booked the Lodge for 11-3PM on Sat and Sunday.

*Dojo Cleanliness & Protocols*
In past years we have experienced some levels of ‘chaos’ prior to the first training sessions eg shoes and bags everywhere and parents wearing shoes inside the dojo etc.

Obviously this is due to the large number of people visiting our State Training Centre for the first time (>30% ‘newbies’ in 2017). Looks like the weather forecast is relatively kind (however this may impact the car-parks).

We have shoe storage shelves at the access points to reduce the problem but still looking for your support and personal leadership to set the right expectations and educate on protocols.

*Can both Junior and Seniors Coaches please nominate/co-opt four people (eg Coach/Asst Coach/Snr Athlete) to ‘hover’ near the four (4) entrances and ‘loudly’ assist with the education process. * Should only be necessary at first sessions Saturday.

*Team Photo & Photography*

We will have two (2) official photographer/video people (Sam Asher & Air Vongxayasy) that will capture images and video for Judo NSW promotion purposes. The Team Acceptance process to provides athlete agreement for photos & vidoes etc for these promo purposes.

They will be wearing ‘orange’ Judo NSW Volunteer Vests to avoid confusion about their roles. We will also set expectations about minimising interruption to the training process.

As per previous years – we are not allowing parents to freely video and take images during the training sessions – more of an issue for the Junior squad with very keen parents mat-side and limited room etc.

However do propose that we stop for Team Photo sessions on Saturday between 10:50AM and 11:10AM this will allow us to capture both Juniors and Seniors together, and allow parents to take some pics etc.

*Injury & Other Incident Risk Management*

Finally, a reminder on our shared objective to minimise injury risks at the State Training Camp and other State Training Session

Attached to assist are copies of:

· Judo NSW Training Centre Safety Policy
· Judo NSW Injury Incident Report Template
· Judo NSW Code of Behaviour

I will bring copies of the Judo NSW Injury Incident Report Template. Hopefully it won’t be required.

Phil McDermott
Judo NSW
(02) 8736 1228

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pdf icon Judo-NSW-Code-of-Behaviour-Excerpt-20120510.pdf
pdf icon Judo-NSW-Injury-Incident-Report.pdf
pdf icon Judo-NSW-Judo-Training-Centre-Safety-Policy-2013-2014-20140220.pdf
xls icon 2017-NSW-State-Squad-Junior-Entry-Listing-as-at-12-00-NOON-THU-4-MAY-20170504.xlsx
xls icon 2017-NSW-State-Squad-Senior-Entry-Listing-as-at-12-00-NOON-THU-4-MAY-20170504.xlsx