Dan grading are usually held twice a year (June & November) and are announced by the BBR prior to the grading. The Dan grading will also be accompanied with Kata Kenshu and Batsugun competition.

Dan Requirements

Dan requirements are detailed in the Grading Policy found in the JA web site. Questions regarding the Dan requirements may be addressed to the JA.

Batsugun Promotion

The BBR may alternatively hold a Batsugun tournament for those Judokas attempting to gain promotion through a special competition. The Batsugun tournament is defined by the JA as the following for Shodan promotions:

Five (5) consecutive wins over the entire course of an approved JA Inc. tournament against different opponents of the same grade or higher. The wins must all be by Ippon.

Prior to participating in a Batsugun tournament, the applicant must provide a completed Dan application form.

Application Forms

Click on the links below or download from the JA Website

Application Form – 1st Dan to 3rd Dan Grading

Application Form – 4th Dan to 5th Dan Grading

Application Form for Master Grade – 6th Dan & Above

To be included with application form:

  1. Points card or list of points claimed (must be detailed – tournament, opponent’s name and grade, details and dates of refereeing, coaching or administrative positions held)
  2. Two passport-sized photographs
  3. Two copies of the completed application forms signed by the applicant and coach.


Sho-Dan $150.00
Ni-Dan $175.00
San-Dan $200.00
Yon-Dan $225.00
Go-Dan $250.00
Roku-Dan $275.00
Nana-Dan $300.00

$50.00 for recognition of grades from other organizations, countries etc. and for search ratification and issuing of JA certificate for the appropriate grade.

*All fees include GST

Thereafter grades higher than Nana-Dan will remain at $300.00.

Enquiries and applications to:
Phillip McDermott
BBR Judo NSW Dan Grade Convener
PO Box 6441
Silverwater  NSW  2128

or Email to [email protected]

Attaining the Kodokan Dan Grade

Please contact Ivor Endicott-Davis.

Joining the BBR

Newly certified NSW black belt Judokas are encouraged to join and support the BBR.

TO join the BBR Please Email Us

Contact BBR by Email: [email protected]