Judo NSW and the JFA successfully completed a new joint HP initiative with the JFA National Randori Camp capping off a successful 2017 Sydney International.

More than 30 athletes from Australia, New Zealand and Russia participated in the training camp.

The camp was hosted by Judo NSW at our State Training Centre at Sydney Olympic Park. Accommodation was onsite at the YMCA Sydney Lodge.

Today they finished the camp with each athlete completing over 50X5 min Tachi-waza (standing) and 30 Ne-waza (grappling) randori over the two and half days of the camp.

On top of this were ‘pressure’ randori sessions, circuits, and technical tuition.

The camp was led by Gavin Kelly who has an impressive competition (15X plus National Championships) and coaching (2008 Beijing Olympics) record.

Judo NSW looks forward to collaborating with the national JFA and holding more national level camps at our full-time Judo NSW training facilities.

JFA Randori Camp – Attendees 2 20170823JFA Randori Camp – Training 4 20170822JFA Randori Camp – Training 5 20170822JFA Randori Camp – Attendees 1 20170823
JFA Randori Camp – Training 3 20170822 JFA Randori Camp – Training 1 20170822 JFA Randori Camp – Training 2 20170822