We’ve launched our “beta” website (i.e. test, but live) today, and hopefully you’ve had a chance to have a poke around.

Feel free to encourage/yell at us from the Coaches Box: Let us know what’s wrong by emailing our bugtracker

New features include:

  • Searchable website with categorised news streams
  • Searchable event calendar, by event type
  • “Find my club” by your location on a map, backed up with a dynamic club database
  • For clubs who have public facebook pages (private pages won’t work), we’ve integrated your news stream into your club page. (See here for an example)
  • Specialist sections for the main groups that use our site – players, clubs, coaches, referees and volunteers
  • Some beautiful pictures of some of the people that make Judo happen in NSW
  • It’s prettier.

Some things in the pipeline:

  • A database of Judo Exercises, with videos – contribute one here: Add a Judo Exercise
  • A JFA news feed.
  • Integration with Instagram – the one all the kiddies use these days.

Thanks for your patience, remember – tell us whats wrong, we’ll try to fix it.


Nic Lowe

PS Thanks to all the volunteers who helped make it – you can see them hard at work below!

Getzabel, Leo, Pierre, Coco, Ravi, Ian, Arnaud, Dilraj, Brenden, Sven and Nic.