The JudoNSW Small Grants program is open now.

Our first program is for improving outdoor signage at your club to promote both your club, and Judo generally.

We’re funding this because signage is one of the most cost effective and “sticky” (ie has a long life) marketing channels for promoting Judo.

The program will give up to $500 per club ($100 per JFA star) towards:

  • Outdoor Signage at least 3 x 1m (can be banner, permanent sign, flags or window signage)

The conditions are as follows:

  • 10% of the sign must be used to acknowledge Judo NSW (logo + website)
  • The club must design and install their own sign (see here for some examples)
  • The sign must include either a phone number, website, facebook or email of the club contact person
  • The club must arrange and pay for the sign to be produced.
  • No more than the cost of the sign can be claimed.
  • Program closes Jan 31st 2018

Reimbursements will only be made:

  • After the sign is produced and installed
  • If accompanied by an (electronic) invoice from a relevant professional
  • If accompanied by a (good quality) digital picture of the signage in place showing it is in an outdoor situation

What will NOT be funded:

  • Signage that is inside or internal to the Judo club (signage must be visible by members of the public)
  • Signage that promotes any other sport than Judo (no BJJ, UFC, tiddlywinks or wrestling)
  • Signage smaller than the minimum size
  • Inappropriate or offensive messages

We have a list of suppliers here (some with discounts), though you may choose whomever you want.

Club Signage: Claim

This form is used to claim reimbursement for money spent on outdoor signage promoting your Judo Club. A maximum of $100 per JFA star of your club can be claimed.

  • Max. file size: 128 MB.
    Please attach the invoice from your signage supplier, clear with an ABN, date and indication the invoice has been paid..
  • Max. file size: 128 MB.
    Attach a picture of your completed signage in situ.