This summer, we’d love you to get out of the Dojo and onto the beach to show off your Judo.

How can JudoNSW help?

Well, here’s a few things we can do:

  1. Promote your Beach Judo session: If your club already does beach Judo – tell us where, and when, in the comments below.
  2. Help your club with Tips for Beach Judo (see below)
  3. Give a prize to the best Beach Judo photo posted on Instagram – and Facebook. (To be Announced).

Why do Beach Judo?

Well, its simple.

  • Taking your club to the beach promotes Judo to everyone on the beach
  • Everyone on the beach gets to see how Judo builds healthy bodies and physiques.
  • It’s a fun day that builds club spirit and changes things up a bit.

Tips for Beach Judo – it’s not complicated…

  • Don’t make your coach organise it – they’ve got enough to do already. YOU organise it!
  • Bring suncreen and towels and bathers (duh)
  • Make sure you warm up.
  • Take pictures, and post them on Instagram and Facebook.
  • Bring some club leaflets for any interested bystanders
  • Make sure you have fun…..

Faqs about Beach Judo

  • Who can do Beach Judo?
    • Anyone with a current JudoNSW membership..
  • Should we let members of the public play?
    • Nope. But be open to explaining to them whats going on, and getting them along to a beginners session at your club.
  • Do I bring my Gi?
    • Of course.
  • What happens if a big ol’ black belt kicks sand in my face?
    • Go to training more often.
  • Are there special rules for Beach Judo?
    • Yes. Everyone gets an ice-cream after training.
  • Should I bring my kids?
    • Sure!
  • Do I need council approval?
    • Nope.
  • How do I organise Beach Judo?
    • Step 1: Tell your coach.
    • Step 2: Agree a meeting place and time on the beach with your (JudoNSW) club mates
    • Step 3: Bring your Gi.

A great beach Judo session


Every Australian Judoka knows it’s important to fight between the flags.