FAQs for Parents of Judo Kids


  1. Where do I get my voucher?
    1. Goto service.nsw.gov.au and create or login to your MyServiceNSW Account
  2. Can I use my $100 voucher for club mat fees?
    1. Not yet – you will be able to do this AFTER 1st March 2018 but only with clubs who have registered with the Active Kids program
  3. Can I use my $100 voucher to pay my compulsory JudoNSW membership?
    1. Yes!
  4. Can I use the voucher to save money on my child’s membership renewal to JudoNSW?
    1. Yes!
  5. I’m an adult – can I get a voucher?
    1. No, sorry.
  6. Can I use my voucher to purchase a Gi or other equipment for Judo?
    1. No.
  7. How do I reclaim it?
    1. You’ll get a 16 digit code / voucher which you can use when you renew or join a JudoNSW Club.
    2. Select the Active Kids Voucher discounted membership – eg Junior Membership (NSW Active Kids Voucher System)
    3. Ensure that the Member’s Name is exactly the same as the name on the Voucher – please contact Judo NSW if the Member’s name is different
    4. Put the 16 digit code / voucher number in the field below on our signup form


FAQs for Judo Clubs

For more information see sport.nsw.gov.au/activekids

  1. When can I start getting Active Kids vouchers to pay mat fees?
    1. From 1st of March, but you need to be a registered club – for more information read sport.nsw.gov.au/activekids
  2. Is it a hassle to administer? Is it worth registering?
    1. There are additional accounting requirements, some payment delays and extra bookkeeping tasks involved with having your club be part of the Activekids program. However, it decreases the cost of Judo for parents – which is a good thing!
  3. If my new Judo member has claimed their voucher towards JudoNSW fees, can they re-use it at the club level?
    1. No