JudoNSW have had some stickers made to promote Judo in NSW.

We’d like to give some away to clubs who would be willing to hand them out!

Use them to:

  1. Promote Judo
  2. Reward volunteers
  3. Reward high achievers in your club
  4. To cover up holes in your Judo mats 😉

Stick them:

  1. On your cars
  2. On your school folders.
  3. On your laptops.
  4. On the mouths of your most talkative Judokas!

If you’re keen, please order your stickers (free for clubs) below – we’ll post them to you!

Maximum 20 FREE stickers per JFA star on your club.

Order Below

Stickers - send my club some!

This form is used to order free JudoNSW stickers for your club. Max 20 per JFA star on your club.

  • Max 20 Stickers per JFA star. You don't have to order the maximum!
  • Where should we post the stickers?