One of the easiest channels to help your Judo club grow is ‘word of mouth’, which is having people talking about your club to others.

Apart from running an excellent club, with great coaching (hey, we know you do this already), one of the other ways you can encourage people to join your club is with a simple ‘trial and referral’ program.

If you’re already running a program like this, then you can stop reading now.

If not…..then we’d like to help you start one…

What we’ll do:

  1. Design, print and deliver 500 ‘trial and referral” cards especially tailored for your Judo club
  2. Throw in a magnetic car sticker with your Judo clubs logo (and contact details) on it
  3. For FREE!

What you need to do:

  1.  Check your clubs data and profile online that we have for you (find your club here )
  2.  Fill in this simple form below.
  3.  Hand out the cards to your members, to parents, and everyone you meet who might be interested in joining!

Every JudoNSW club is eligible for this program – why not take 2 minutes to fill in the form to let us help you grow?

Example of Cards:

Terms and Conditions:

  1. Grant closes 30th June 2018
  2. One application per club
  3. Any financial club may apply.
  4. We’ll use your logo from online sources, and contact data from our current database. If it’s different, you need to tell us!

This grant had expired.