Late Nominations << click here >>are still open for interested athletes and need to be completed by athletes by no later than Thursday 23 May 2019

As a guideline, athletes will need to have participated in two NSW selection tournaments (see below) to be eligible for NSW State Squad for the 2019 Nationals.

  • ACT Open (16-17 Feb) – Seniors/Juniors/KYU Grades
  • Anytime Fitness Sydney International (23-24 Feb) – Seniors/Juniors/KYU Grades
  • Illawarra Senior KYU Grades (24 Mar) – KYU Grades
  • Melbourne Open (29-31 Mar) – Seniors/Juniors/KYU Grades
  • State Titles (7 Apr) – Seniors/Juniors/KYU Grades – Compulsory Tournament
  • Central Coast Open (28 Apr) – Seniors/Juniors/KYU Grades

Other categories have the following eligibility criteria:

  • Masters – participation in Masters Squad training Sessions (TBC)
  • Kata – participation the 2019 State Kata Titles (7 April), Kata Training Camp (28-29 April) and training sessions.

Final State Team assessment and selection will also be based on State Squad Training participation (both sessions attended and athlete training session performance).  This assessment and selection will be completed by the State Coaching Team.

Consideration will be given for extenuating circumstances (eg injury) where an athlete doesn’t meet the above criteria.

Other nominations will also be considered on a ‘case-by-case’ basis by the NSW Coaching Team.

Athletes will need to complete a State Squad Inclusion Request (click here) if they fall into this category.