If you’re a Judoka who has never been in a competition before – now is the time to start. The July 21st Kyu Grade competition (Kyu = sub black belt) is free for any competitor who has never fought in a competition before.

We’re doing this because we’re wanting to get more people involved – at an entry level – in competitive Judo. It can be very daunting to step out on to the mat for the first time, and we’re hoping that this is an added incentive to come try competitive Judo. You’ll save about $30 or so, plus have a great time.

If you’re an experienced competitor, or perhaps have only been in one or two comps, you are more than welcome to come along – indeed, we want you there.

We’re encouraging those who take advantage of this offer to volunteer to help run the tournament as well, if you’ve the time and inclination. If you’re a parent who’d like to help us run the competition (and perhaps learn a thing or two about Judo) – then register to volunteer one week prior to the event and we’ll find a great job for you. It’s not a requirement – but we always need help on the day!

To register for a ‘first competition pass’, you’ll need to do 2 things:

  • Register for the competition and pay, as usual.
  • Request from us – using this form – a refund, because it’s your first competition. We’ll check our records to make sure you’ve not been in any other competition, and also that you’re not Teddy Riner in disguise – and, if you turn up and fight in the comp – we’ll give you the refund.

Offer restrictions:

  • This offer is only open to people who who have not competed at a club level (or higher) tournaments ever.
  • Only competitors who turn up and fight will be given refunds – no chickening out!

So – are you ready to be the next Teddy Riner?