This is to update on our Judo NSW policy position relating to the current COVID-19 situation.

Judo NSW places primary importance in our policy and decision making on the heath, wellbeing and safety of our members and others in our Judo community.

We also acknowledge that the current environment relating to COVID-19 is fast changing and evolving.

The government has made the following recent key announcements that from Monday 16 March:

  • the government advises against public attendance at all organised nonessential gatherings of 500 people or more.
  • People who travelled internationally are to self-quarantine for a period not less than 14 days from the time of arrival in Australia.

In response to these recent government announcements and expert medical advice on the risk of COVID-19, Judo NSW has made decisions relating to our Judo NSW events and activities


The 2020 NSW State Titles scheduled for 4-5 April 2020 are postponed.  We will provide entry refunds.  We are also reviewing our options to reschedule this event to later in 2020.

The following 2020 State Selection events and tournaments have also been postponed:

  • 2020 Melbourne International Judo Open – 21-22 March 2020
  • 2020 Illawarra International Kyu Grades Tournament – Sun 29 Mar 2020
  • 2020 Central Coast Open – Sun 26 April 2020

We note that our national Judo Australia (JA) organisation is currently reviewing the situation for the 2020 National Titles.

Judo NSW will make further announcements relating to our 2020 NSW State Squad Selection and Training Program once the JA announcements have been made.


Judo NSW currently conducts and/or supports several training programs at our Judo NSW Training Centre including:

  • NSW Junior Development Squad
  • Judo Australia NSW High Performance ‘Hub’ training sessions,
  • Kata Training Sessions.

Judo NSW has decided, for now, to continue with these programs subject to the following controls that apply to participants, coaches and program administrators: 

Judo NSW will continue to monitor government health announcements and will provide updates on these programs and controls as and when necessary.


We acknowledge that individuals and/or parents and caregivers have primary responsibility for participation decisions.

Clubs also share responsibility for decisions on Judo Club training.  Judo NSW currently supports club decisions (whether to stop and/or continue with Club level training) subject to the controls outlined at the end of this document that apply to participants, coaches and Club administrators:

Judo NSW will continue to monitor government health announcements and will provide updates on these programs and controls as and when necessary.

For up-to-date information on the NSW and Australian Government’s response to COVID-19 visit the NSW Health website and or Australian Government Department of Health website.


International Travel Controls

People who have travelled internationally are not to participate in Judo NSW club training and other Judo NSW events for 14 days following their return to Australia, regardless of whether they are exhibiting any symptoms.

Personal Controls

  • The Judogi shall be clean, generally dry and without unpleasant odour.
  • The nails of the feet and hands shall be cut short.
  • The personal hygiene of participants shall be of a high standard including that hands and feet should be washed and clean prior to training.
  • As always, if you feel sick don’t come to training or events! Please be extra cautious and if in doubt, stay at home.
  • If you are worried that you have been in contact with someone who has Coronavirus, please don’t come to training or events for 14 days.
  • If you attend schools or other organisations and businesses that have ‘closed’ due to COVID-19 or are subject to other self-quarantine requirements do not come to training or events for 14 days (or any other period specified by NSW Health), regardless of whether you are exhibiting any symptoms and unless there is NSW Health advice to the contrary.

Dojo (Venue) Controls

  • Clubs should provide antiseptic hand wash facilities at all Club dojos.  Please use this regularly, especially when arriving at the Club (dojo) to participate in training. There evidence suggesting the virus may stick around for at least a few hours, if not more, on surfaces.
  • Clubs should provide disinfectant wipes at all Club dojos – please wipe surfaces regularly.
  • Club (dojo) mats should be regularly cleaned with disinfectant prior to and after the completion of training sessions.

Administrative Controls

  • Compulsory attendance records should be maintained for each training session.

Judo NSW will continue to monitor government health announcements and will provide updates on these programs and controls as and when necessary.