We recently released a quite controversial rule change requiring young Judoka to learn and referee 2 matches in the calendar year they turn 13.

You can find out more at the links below.Program: https://www.judonsw.com.au/yrep/FAQs: https://bit.ly/30Ofy0s

There’s been lots of negative feedback, both direct to members of our board and via social media platforms.

The intention behind the rule change is a positive one that aims to educate our Judoka, create more referees and solve the problem of declining referee numbers.

I’d dearly love to explain how and why we can make this change work, and why it will be good in the long term, but I think I’d rather hear from you.

Luckily, there is a way which allows all your views to be heard and gives the members – not the board, or me, or the referee commission – the final say on this decision.

Last night, the Board of Judo NSW resolved to add a specific discussion topic to the annual Congress agenda, being the recently released 13 yo referee rule change.

Congress Announcement: https://bit.ly/3kEKM1M

What this means is members (through their club representatives) will be able to share their views with the board and their peers, propose solutions and vote on those proposals.

The Board encourages all club representatives to speak with their club members, to attend the congress, and to exercise your democratic muscles responsibly and respectfully.