Judo NSW recently issued the First Notice for the 2020 Annual (& Special) Congress.

We advised in the Notice that a key agenda item will be the adoption of a new Judo NSW Constitution to align with current regulatory requirements.

We have now updated the Annual Congress Notice (click here) to better reflect Special Resolution that Members will be asked to vote on.

As part of that process, we are also now sharing a copy of proposed Judo NSW Constitution (click here) for review prior to our Annual Congress on Sunday 11 October 2020.

Our intention is to identify and resolve questions prior to Congress and to ensure that we have adequate time and opportunity on the day of Congress to vote on and accept the new Constitution. Once accepted by the Members, it will be sent for registration by Fair Trading NSW within 28 days as per legislative requirements. The change to the Constitution takes place only once it is registered with Fair Trading.

Please provide any questions or requests for clarification to [email protected] by Friday 4 September 2020 so that it may be considered (if necessary) at our next planned Board of Management meeting on Tue 8 September 2020.