Judo NSW is pleased to announce that we are now in the process of transitioning to automatic renewals of memberships over the next few days.

The ability to accurately monitor Judo NSW Membership financial status and ensuring that Judoka training on the mat are current financial has been an ongoing issue for Judo Clubs.

Clubs have needed to follow-up and rely on members to take action to renew memberships.

Judo NSW has been investigating opportunities to improve this process to reduce insurance and other risks.

We updated Judo NSW Clubs at our 2019 Annual Congress that migration to the revolutioniseSPORT would enable automatic membership renewals.

Members will still receive expiry reminder emails leading up the membership renewal.

To ensure uninterrupted membership and member benefits, all debit/credit card subscriptions are automatically renewed on the day of membership expiry.

Debit/credit card details are stored to allow for future auto renewals securely with Pin Payments (owned and operated by Southern Payment Systems Pty Ltd) who are Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliant.

We (Judo NSW and the Judo Club) do not have access to debit/credit card details, and do not store debit/credit card details, nor are they stored anywhere in our revolutioniseSPORT account.

Members can update debit/credit card details in their Judo NSW Membership Account (click here).

Members will be able to cancel the automatic renewal of subscriptions by contacting Judo NSW (click here).

Our Judo NSW ‘office’ will continue manage any issues with processing payments and refunds.