Judo NSW will include the Judo Australia (JA) Senior Coach Accreditation level in its next Coach Accreditation Course on 10 April 2021

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Coaching is an incredibly valuable way to make both a contribution to the sport of judo and to have a positive impact in the growth and development of other Judoka.

Judo Australia (JA) Coach Accreditation is required if you coach with Judo NSW clubs and wish to be covered by our national JA insurance program.

The next Course will include three levels of the JA Coach Accreditation Framework:

  1. Assistant Coach – Coaches children and beginners under the guidance of a Club Coach (Min Age 16 yrs & Min Grade – Senior Blue Belt)
  2. Coach Judo – Coaches and conducts Judo sessions at club level across a range of athlete abilities (Min Age 18 yrs & Min Grade – Senior Brown Belt)
  3. Senior Judo Coach – Coaches with experience coaching club and state level Judoka across a range of age groups and abilities (Min Age 18 yrs & Min Grade – Shodan)