The BBR is holding a seminar targeting 1st kyu (Senior Brown) and 2nd kyu (Senior Blue) judoka where we will outline pathways available and establish individual plans for each individual judoka outlining how they can achieve the necessary Points and Time in Grade to sit for their Shodan examination.

The seminar will be held on Saturday 17 July (9-11AM) at our Judo NSW Training Centre.

The key driver for the BBR is to support, develop and encourage judoka to initially attain their Shodan and then support them through their ongoing journey as they proceed through their Dan Ranks.

Traditionally the key focus has been upon the technical excellence on the tatami across all aspects of judo.

The BBR has identified a gap where we believe we can support more judoka as they work towards their Shodan.

This gap is centered around the different pathways that are available to all judoka that allow each individual to gain sufficient points in order for them to qualify to sit for a Shodan examination.

While the National Grades Policy is very clear on the available pathways, there seems to be a gap in the understanding within the judo community where a strong belief is that points via competing in Shia is the only way to work towards a Shodan. While the BBR believe that competing is a very important part of judo and will always be that way, we also understand that there are many pathways within judo that help judoka develop into high quality Dan’s.

Club coaches are encouraged to attend.  As always, the final sign off before applying to sit for a Shodan examination sits with the Judoka’s Sensei, so it is critically important that they are involved with this process as well.