The Academy is the center of excellence (not a club) for all financial member of Judo NSW with the sole purpose of offering to all of our NSW Judoka the opportunity of continuous improvement in knowledge and in the application of the art of Judo on the mat, through the platform of instruction and teaching. The instructors undertake to ensure best practices are maintained in their teaching of tradition, etiquette, and spirit for the mutual welfare and benefit of all in line with Kodokan Judo. The Academy is run voluntarily by senior BBR members from a cross section of NSW clubs who undertake to give their knowledge to all Judoka of NSW freely. It is our intention to keep politics off the Judo Mat leaving this to the better equipped Judo NSW body whose primary function is to handle administration and the direction of the organization.

BBRA Instruction Sessions

Usually, every Tuesday from 7:30pm to 9:00pm at the Olympic Park Sports Hall (North Hall) in Homebush. Please feel free to attend and meet other black belts in the area. Mat fee is $15 and $10 for BBR members. For further information contact 
[email protected].

BBRA Instructors

Ivor Endicott-Davis
6 Dan (Kodokan)
Ivor is from, Otago, New Zealand trained in Japan 1970 and was based at the Kodokan first, and then went to Kyoto for three years. Ivor trained at Doshisha University for 6 months then 2.5 years at Kidotai (Riot Police School) Fushimi Nari in the Kansai. This provided Ivor with strong background the fundamentals of Judo, and in Kosen Judo where he brings a wealth of Judo knowledge in particular Newaza. Ivor competed and taught Judo in New Zealand until 1980. Was a Competitor/National Coach from 1969-1980 and a New Zealand Team Ivor was selected as the National Coach of New Zealand for the 1980 Moscow Olympics. Ivor immigrated to Australia in August 1980 and is currently the BBR President, BBRA Academy instructor, serves on the JFA Dan Grades Commission, JFA and IJF Kata Commission.
Gavin Kelly
4 Dan
NCIS Level 1 and 2
As a competitor, Gavin Kelly has represented Australia every year since 1985 until his retirement from International Judo in 2004. During this time he spent many long hard years training in all the top centres around the world including: Yong in University and Taenung National training centre  (Korea), Kokshukan , Tokai and Budo Universities (Japan). Gavin also spent a year in Europe training under the guidance of Judo legend Neil Adams.

Gavin is currently the Australian National Coach and has recently led the team to the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

Current National Coach
Olympic Coach for Beijing 2008
Assistant Coach University New South Wales
Former NSW State coach (Men’s & Young men)
Men’s and Women’s Coach at various Major International events

Morgan Endicott-Davies
4 Dan
Morgan is the head instructor at the Zenbu Judo Club. During Morgan’s competitive career he has managed to contribute greatly to the instruction of Judo originally through Budokan Judo club where he and his father Ivor Endicott-Davies founded the existing dojo in Castle Hill. Morgan has throughout the years has been invited to instruct at various seminars and camps around Australia and more recently along with senior black belt instructors of NSW has set up the BBR Judo Academy.

Morgan has competed at the 2004 Athens Olympics, as well as the many other international and national competitions including World Championships, Oceania Championships, and Commonwealth Games.

Bio page

Robert Ivers
Jonathan Gould
3 Dan
Jonathan Gould is a 3rd dan Judoka who has been studying judo since 1982. He has lived in Japan for extended periods and trained at the Kodokan, Nittai-Dai University and Komazawa University. Jonathan is a keen participant at training and teaching in the BBRA. His favourite throwing techniques are leg sweeps and hip throws. Jonathan is keen to pass on his skills and knowledge acquired and to further develop his own judo. Jonathan has competed at regional contests in both Japan and in Australia as well as at a state level in NSW.

Bio page

Jim Sheedy
3 Dan
Over the years Jim has held various positions in Australian sport and sport medicine which include:

  • National Executive Director of the Australian Confederation of Sport for the Disabled
  • National Coaching Director for the Judo Federation of Australia
  • Lecturer in skill acquisition and sport psychology at two Australian universities

Moreover, it should be recognised that Jim has been a competent judoka at the national and international level of competition. Jim trained at International Judo Club in Australia and with Doshisha University when he lived in Japan. Jim established the NCAS for judo in Australia and assisted other sports in developing their own coaching programs.

Karin Sheedy
3 Dan
NCAS Level 2
Karin has a substantial background as an educator in both sport and tertiary institutions. She has taught sports management at various Australian Universities and is a member of Australian Company Directors. She has been a board member of ASSA; a member of the Federal Government review of Women in Sport in 1990 and guest lecturer in sports management programs throughout Australia.

Karin has been the National Executive Director for Women’s Hockey, State Executive Director for Surf Life Saving NSW and The National Executive Director for the Judo Federation of Australia. She is currently the President of the Mudgee Women’s Golf Club.

Karin was also the Television commentator for the 1992 Commonwealth Games judo events in New Zealand. As a judo competitor she has been a multiple National Champion, an Oceania Champion and Silver medallist at the Pacific Rim Championships in Hawaii. Karin is a San Dan and was a Level II Coach under NCAS.

BBR Kata Information

Monthly Kata Instruction

With the formalization by the IJF of the World Kata Championship, the BBRA now offers instruction in the Kata for competition, dan grading, and continued enjoyment of Judo.

Who May Attend: Judo NSW registered Judoka 2rd Kyu and above

Where: Sydney Olympic Park North Hall Dojo

When: Usually, the second Saturday of every month from 10:00am to 11:30am.

Kata to be Covered:

  • Nage no Kata
  • Katame no Kata
  • Ju no Kata
  • Kime no Kata
  • Kodokan Goshin Jutsu

MAT FEES: $15 Judo NSW members and $10 for BBR members.  All collected fees go to the BBRA Development Fund.


  • Dale Keogh, 6th Dan
  • Danny Simmons, 5th Dan
  • Ernie Wakamatsu, 4th Dan

For all inquires please contact: Warren Rosser or Ernie Wakamatsu at the [email protected] BBR .

Contact BBR by Email: [email protected]