The BBR is a not-for-profit organisation for black belt judokas or Yudanshakai in New South Wales, Australia.

BBR’s Aim

The aims of the BBR are to:

  • Establish a register (currently just a list of BBR members) of DAN grades in the Sport of Judo in the State of New South Wales
  • Promote and develop the technical and ethical standards of the sport of Judo
  • Arrange and conduct such courses, training squads, dan grading, schools, and other activities that will advance the standard of the sport of Judo
  • Provide assistance to Judoka to expand the teaching and practice of the sport of Judo

The BBR Office maintains the New South Wales Judo black belt register, Dan grades requirements, and Judo promotion programs.


The Black Belt Register (New South Wales) Inc (BBR) is a not-for-profit Association, registered with the Office of Fair Trading, NSW Government. The BBR was established in 1961 and has been in continuous operation. The BBR is responsible to Judo New South Wales for consultancy, Dan gradings, and technical matters on their behalf. The BBR representative occupies a position on the Board of Management of Judo NSW.

The Black Belt Register Academy (BBRA) was established in 2004 and was fostered by the BBR when convinced by some elite competitors that there was a constructive need for a Judo Academy in New South Wales. The BBRA is responsible to the BBR for elite training and education, however specifically focuses on operational education ‘within the red mat area’. The BBRA is not a club and is available to any eligible judoka who is desirable of availing to the elite service.

BBRA instructors are current or recently retired elite competitors who are over sighted by a core of ‘Masters’ of Judo techniques who have volunteered their services to the Academy. Training sessions are structured with an invitation to one or more ‘masters’ to participate. BBRA has also been instrumental in coordinating and sponsoring international masters to instructional camps at the Academy.

Unique to the BBR and BBRA is the Student Development Program, whereby, each year one or two BBRA students are sponsored to visit the Kodokan, Tokyo, Japan to attend a program that will considerably enhance their skills in Judo. Consequently, the graduated students join the core of elite Academy Instructors, teaching their acquired skills.

Fees as of October 2022

All members must be a financial members of Judo Australia

Current Membership Fees

Gold Membership for Life     $500.

Silver Membership for Life   $250.

Bronze Membership for Life $150.

Gold Membership (Life Member)

  • Term of Membership: Life
  • Membership fee: $500
  • Prerequisite: Must be accredited Dan Grade and financial member of Judo NSW or Affiliate.
  • Member to receive BBR gold membership medal and certificate.
  • Receive discounted or free entry to BBR events.

Silver Membership

  • Term of membership: 5 years
  • Membership fee: $250
  • Prerequisite: Must be accredited Dan Grade and financial member of Judo NSW or Affiliate
  • Member to receive BBR silver membership medal and certificate.
  • Receive discounted or free entry to BBR events

Bronze Membership (Associate Member)

  • Term of membership:  3 years
  • Membership fee: $150
  • Prerequisites: Full financial member of Judo NSW or Affiliate
  • Member to receive a BBR membership certificate.
  • Receive discounted entry to BBR events.

Note:  Should a member wish to upgrade to a higher level of membership, the remaining portion of the current membership fee and membership term will be credited, pro rata, toward the cost of the new membership.

Advantages of BBR Membership

It is an advantage for a newly promoted Black Belt Judoka to become a Medallion Member For Life as soon as possible after their grading and could represent a good family reward for achievement, together with other advantages:

  • Join the unique fraternity of Black Belts within NSW
  • No additional membership payments for the rest of life
  • Receives discount on all BBR and BBRA training and events. Percentage of discount is graded dependant on the medal purchased
  • Admits member to all BBRA training squads
  • Member becomes eligible for Student Development Program to be sponsored for training overseas
  • Members are represented by BBR in advocacy and conciliation purposes
  • Should a member wish to upgrade to a higher medal membership, the price of the original is deducted.

Medals are numbered and not transferable. Member’s money is invested in term account and the interest gained is utilized to support the BBR and BBRA programs.

BBR Officers

President Joe Costanzo
Secretary Gavin Morgan
Treasurer Rob Ivors
Committee Dale Keogh
Committee Ernie Wakamatsu

BBR Meeting Information

The BBR meets at least annually in September and as necessary throughout the year.

Contact Information

The BBR can be contacted by either Email or Postal Mail:

  • Postal Mail:

Sports House, Level 2, Quad 1,

8 Parkview Drive,

Sydney Olympic Park NSW 2127

Email us

[email protected]