Monthly Kata Instruction

With the formalization by the IJF of the World Kata Championship, the BBRA now offers instruction in the Kata for competition, dan grading, and continued enjoyment of Judo.

Who May Attend: JNSW registered Judoka 2nd Kyu and above

Where: Sydney Olympic Park North Hall Dojo

Kata to be Covered:

  • Nage no Kata
  • Katame no Kata
  • Ju no Kata
  • Kime no Kata
  • Kodokan Goshin Jutsu


BBR members receive a discount and pay $10 mat fee. All collected fees go to the BBRA Development Fund.


  • Dale Keogh, 6th Dan
  • Danny Simmons, 5th Dan
  • Ernie Wakamatsu, 4th Dan

For all inquires please contact: Dale Keogh or Ernie Wakamatsu at the BBR.

Email us

Contact BBR by Email: [email protected] bbr